buying and preparing bulk meals for large groupsbuying and preparing bulk meals for large groups

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buying and preparing bulk meals for large groups

I work as the head cook of a family campground. Our campground includes three meals and two snacks each day in the mess hall. In order for us to keep our rates low, part of my job is to purchase the food as affordably as possible and create tasty dishes for the guests staying on the grounds. I created this blog as a way to sort through my own thoughts and to help other organizations find affordable ways to purchase and prepare meals for large groups of people. Hopefully, you will learn everything you need to know in order to maintain a budget and prepare delicious foods.

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Pizza Toppings And Food Prep Costs

Making your pizza stand out among the crowd of competitors can be challenging. One easy way to set you apart from all the rest is to develop a unique and great texture when it comes to pizza toppings.

But to keep the food costs low, you need to process and prepare all the raw foods in-house. In the past, you could rely on very skilled prep cooks to work up all your pizza toppings into the perfect size and density. Today, however, you need to automate as much of your food preparation process as possible, even it's just to give your kitchen staff a hand.

Commercial food bowl choppers take a lot of the repetition out of topping preparation. On most models, you can easily customize the size the shape of the final cuts of food. This helps you get that perfect texture and consistency that you're seeking for your pizzas:

How It Works

Most food bowl choppers work by feeding the food into the top of the machine. Then, a metallic or ceramic blade slices and dices the food into its desired size. The processed food is then collected in a bowl located beneath the blades. The whole design is simple yet extremely efficient.

The machines generally take up minimal counter space and blades can be purchased to cut food in various sizes. This makes food bowl choppers ideal for a cramped pizza kitchen since they can be us to:

  • dice onions into a perfect size for caramelization inside a pizza oven
  • slice razor-thin slices of pepperoni
  • create olive purees, pestos, or other specialized pizza toppings with ease and convenience
  • create toppings of almost any size and type

Plus, if your pizza recipes are new, having a fully functional food bowl chopper with a variety of blades allows for almost endless experimentation when it comes to texture and size. You can discover what your customers like and then give it to them on a consistent and regular basis.

Final Thoughts

Food bowl choppers reduce the amount of knife work your kitchen staff must perform. This is important for three reasons. First and foremost, doing less knife work drastically reduces kitchen workplace accidents, most of which are either cuts or burns. Secondly, the amount of repetitive stress on your staff is greatly reduced. Third, when you accomplish the first two, your costs must invariably decrease. Look into different food bowl choppers that are available.