buying and preparing bulk meals for large groupsbuying and preparing bulk meals for large groups

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buying and preparing bulk meals for large groups

I work as the head cook of a family campground. Our campground includes three meals and two snacks each day in the mess hall. In order for us to keep our rates low, part of my job is to purchase the food as affordably as possible and create tasty dishes for the guests staying on the grounds. I created this blog as a way to sort through my own thoughts and to help other organizations find affordable ways to purchase and prepare meals for large groups of people. Hopefully, you will learn everything you need to know in order to maintain a budget and prepare delicious foods.

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What Makes The Burger Restaurant Experience Different And Special?

Whenever you want a burger, there are two basic dining options. You can go for the fast food option and get a good-enough burger to get you through lunch, or you can visit a burger restaurant for an elevated experience. If you're not sure why you should pick the burger restaurant, consider these 5 things that make the experience different. 


The staff at a restaurant is going to use a house specialty mixture whenever it makes a burger. This is one of the main things that distinguishes a burger restaurant from a fast food joint, and it also distinguishes different restaurants from each other. A professional will mix the blend of meat cuts to achieve the restaurant's signature mixture of juiciness and flavor. Likewise, they'll mix in seasonings to achieve a distinctive taste that you can't find in a fast food establishment.


Fast burgers are only possible with patties that aren't very thick. Even if a big chain offers a bigger burger, you can bet they'll achieve this by simply stacking two thin patties. If you want the experience of biting into a big and juicy burger that challenges you to open your jaw, a restaurant is likely your only option.


Whenever you go with fast food, you can expect American cheese and not much else. If you catch one at the place during a fancy stretch with a limited-time burger, maybe they'll throw you a curveball with pepper jack. Otherwise, you're out of luck in exploring the bigger universe of cheeseburger options. If you want something like bleu or gouda, you're only going to get that at a full-on burger restaurant. It might seem like a small distinction, but your brain and stomach will notice the difference when there's a less common cheese on your burger.


If you go to a drive-thru business, you're getting a burger cooked to one temperature. Consequently, the burger's doneness may not be how you'd prefer it. You can request how done you'd like your burger at a restaurant. 


A burger restaurant also typically has at least one house sauce. This is another opportunity for a little more culinary excitement over the places that offer a selection ranging all the way from ketchup to barbecue sauce. The house sauce is also a great accompaniment to fries and onion rings in many cases, adding to the overall dining experience.

Contact a local restaurant, such as Bunz, to learn more.